Lighting Tips

Identifying Lucas Lamp Assemblies

The lenses of Lucas lamp assemblies seem to be identified by an "L" number, almost unique to each style of lense.

M Series Parking Lights

The parking lights (side/flashers) used on the M series and early Tasmins are L867. The tail lights of later Ms and some Tasmins are L891.

The L867 family seems to have two varieties, an early style with protruding metal trim, TVR part 16090, and a later style with plastic trim, TVR parts 16279 r.h. 16280 l.h. TVR used a lense that is half amber and half clear. Adrian Venn reports that the early lights which were used up to mid 1974 are from the Triumph 1500 and the later ones from the Triumph Dolomite.

TVR Side/flasher 16090TVR Side/flasher 16279 and 16280 Jensen-Healey w/ 5mph bumper
Lucas 54982F right sideLucas 56630 right side
Lucas 54983F left sideLucas 56631?? left side

The Triumph Toledo 1300 1971-2, 1500 Saloon 1971-2 and the Dolomite 1972 used 54982 and 54983 in the UK and 54984F and 54985F (clear) in Italy. At least some Jensen Healeys (1975) with 5 mph bumpers used the early model L867 parking lamps (in solid amber) and L891 tail lights (from the 3000s & Taimar).

Late Vixen / M Side Markers

The later Vixen and early M series used a front side marker lamp Lucas L841 which seems to have come from the Triumph Spitfire. Note that this part is secured to the car by a 2BA nut, not a 10-32 nut. Later Ms used front and rear side markers also seen on various MGs and Jaguars.

TVR Side Marker EarlyTVR Side Marker Later
1609816118 R.H. Amber / 16119 L.H. Amber
Lucas L84116134 R.H. Red / 16135 Red L.H
Lucas L824


Lamp illustrations from "M Series Spare Parts Catalogue Taimar - Turbo Convertible 1972 - 1980" available from the TVRCCNA.


Last updated on March 27, 2005.