Bushings: The Land Beyond Lucas

Suspension Bushes

To replace suspension bushes, freeze them overnight so they will shrink. You might then lubricate them with WD-40 (Someone recently suggested Armor All), just don't let the bushings thaw.
23 July 1999

Suspension Bushes II

Bill Sanford says:
A great way to remove the old bushings is to get a torch, (a small propane one would do) and heat/melt the old material and then push out the old metal spacer while still hot. The material will then push out easily without the metal center to keep it in place. When I did it I averaged around 15-20 seconds per bushing to remove. Then lube up to install and then I press in with a bench vise and large socket to push into.
30 January 2000

Suspension Bushes III

I have replaced all bushings in my M two times! First time I changed to ordinary standard rubber bushings by removing the old ones by drilling them out and pressing in the new ones in a wise, a lot of hard work!

The second time I replaced all bushes once more using yellow urethane bushings from Superflex, they are sold by many companies and not that expensive. My experience is that they are not making the car excessively noisy or more bumpy but improve roadholding a lot. (A M is so noisy anyway so that is probably why I didn't notice much difference).

Based on my own experiences I strongly recommend to use urethane bushings, rubber type bushings perish quite quickly, (mine where quite bad after just 5 years) and the disadvantages with urethane is minor in a car like the M.

I bought mine from Chris Witor who specialize in parts for Triumph cars but now they seem to be sold directly by Superflex UK. http://www.racecar.co.uk/superflex (Webmaster's note: the webpage is over-gimmicked under Internet Explorer and Opera, and indecipherable in Netscape 4.75)

Note that there are at least 2 different type of bushes for the A-arms depending on the year the car was made, (different internal diameter of the metal bushes), for part numbers there are a lot of info on the web page mentioned above.

The superflex bushes are not so extremely hard as nylon type ones so I think they are a good compromise suitable for a road going sports car, something halfway between rubber and hard nylon type bushes.

One more thing, as I mentioned my new rubber bushes perished in only 5 years and got very weak and soft, this is quite different to the urethane bushes that are not affected at all still after 8 years!

BR Hans
20 February 2002

Suspension Bushes IV

Here is a suggestion for anyone trying to renew their suspension bushings. Call John's Cars in Dallas. Order one of his Jaguar steering bushing tools. It will remove and install bushings in seconds with ease. This tool works so well, you'll be doing cars belonging to strangers just to show it off.

Johns' Cars toll free # is 1-800-866-5247. Another # is 214-426-4100. They also have a web site: www.johnscars.com The parts section seems to be out of service.
Ed Court

Suspension Bushes V

I have fitted polyurethane bushes throughout my [Vixen] S3 road car and will also fit them on the sprint S3. The only exceptions are the ARB drop links and rear bushes in the differential. The ARBs ought to rose jointed and adjustable on the sprint car.

They are easy to fit and do not corrode and fall apart. They are best applied in conjunction with Dow Corning type Silicone grease. (NO washing up liquid please!). The rear upright top bushes were a struggle but they will be in there longer. When Chris Wittor sent me his original list, it contained a couple of errors which have now been corrected.

I don't have the equipment to make measurements of sheer stress and strain and anything else relevant. They are less compliant than ordinary rubber and more than Nylatron
Best Regards,
Dr. John E. Upham
5 November 2002

Note: Chris Wittor's web page has moved to www.superflex.chriswitor.co.uk. Chris has bushes for every TVR from that Grantura to the new Griffth and Chimaera (Updated April 6, 2003)

Suspension Bushes VI

Gene Bird (814) 288-6911 sells complete kits of bushes for the M series (probably Tasmin/280i too). Tr6 kits don't work because the Tr6 uses several sizes of bushing and the TVR uses only one of the Triumph bushes.

Suspension Bushes VII

All suspension bushes on the M are TR6 lower inner wishbone bushes. I would suggest to go for SuperFlex poly bushes though for 2 reasons: they are much more durable. the current aftermarket rubber bushes are of sh.t quality. also, the M wishbones tend to slide over the bushes to foul the brackets. with the poly bushes this is impossible.

It will cost you a bit more, but it is a good investment.

Dick Visser
3000M, TR6PI


Last updated on April 6, 2003.