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Out of the Woodwork 2001

Woodwork 2001 was held in the usual place: Round Valley State Park, N.J. on Oct 7. At the show there were 137 cars of which 51 were TVRs.

A row of Vixens.

Left: Some of the regulars from out west.
Next: Folks from DC.
Waiting for awards.
Marshall and Donna hand out Woodwork awards.
Part of Round Valley State Park not normally seen by people attending the show.

Dave Hunt's Vixen rolling chassis. Note the rear suspension is not stock.

Left: A MG chassis and body on display.
Middle: A Ford GT40 reproduction.
Right: Rich Rock's M series chassis.

Left: This Grantura may have raced at Le Mans.
Near Right: A Sausage Bonnet Vixen.
Right: Gwen and Milt's t-shirt stand.

Left: A 280 S.
Center two Tasmin/280is.
Right: Inside a 3000S.

1962 Sabra.

MG TD - not a kit.


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Last updated on 4 November 2001