Woodwork 22

Woodwork 22 was held the weekend of October 11 to 13 with the show once again at Round Valley State Park, Lebanon, NJ. This year's guest was Mike Mooney who is the author of an upcoming book on the Griffith "The Griffith Years". There were 105 cars at the show, about 50 were TVRs or Griffiths.
The line of Griffiths (500Kb)
Eight of the nine Griffiths from a line at Woodwork 22. The ninth is behind them on a trailer.

The SS Minnow? We look at the car again before dinning
Left: Mike Mooney (right) speaks to several Griffith owners at the show.
Middle: People examine a vintage Griffith racer's paint job.
Right: After a three hour tour of downtown New Brunswick, this crew settles in for dinner 1/2 mile from the hotel. The Griffith racer came along for the ride.

3000S with hard top ...and A/C ...and S/S bumpers
Irv Bennet's beautiful 3000S with hardtop and A/C. Several TVR owners made a bulk purchase of hardtops from David Gerald. This is the first top actually finished and installed.

The annual banquet and auction were held together on Saturday night. Mike Mooney was the guest speaker; he spoke about his first experiences with the Griffith and his forthcoming book "The Griffith Years".

Bond Car Try rolling down a mountain in a BMW
Not everyone brings a TVR to Woodwork, it is after all, for all sports cars. (French cars too) Some people bring things that defy classification. How many Citroens does one see in a decade?

Mini Car, Mini Dog
One Oldsmobile and a horde of Minis.

This Vixen Series 4 (hybrid) has a Tr 6 PI engine.

Canadians have too much fun.

Left: Bill Sanford stopped on the way to Woodwork and bought this car - in Florida.

If you have read this far, you know what this is.

Left: Nine of the ten Britons who came over for Woodwork. The tenth, Colin Lyons, was off someplace. This year we had one person from Norway a first for the TVRCCNA.
Right: The awards ceremony.

Some of the many awards recipients. Some of the awards we bestow are: Longest distance driving a TVR, Longest distance not in a TVR (usually flying) and Longest distance driving an entered car not a TVR; one year the owner of a micro car drove about 2800 miles from Oregon to New Jersey.

Last updated on 1 January 2003.