Woodwork 26

26 Years of Woodwork

This year's Woodwork was held during the Carlisle Import Kit/Replicar Nationals on the weekend of May 19-21, 2006. An odd location for a Sports Car club. meeting. I believe that TVR had the largest number of cars on the field with 42 cars. Our attendance here exposed TVR to a large number of people who had never heard of these cars. The tenative plan is to hold Woodwork here next year.

Colin Lyons and Steve Heath (Mr TVR Book) attended from the U.K. Also attending were six million Canadians. OK, there aren't six million Canadians. There were a lot, considering the number of TVRs in Canada. They had a huge turn out last year as well.

This car was last seen at Woodwork 2 or 3. This is indeed a small block Chevy engined TVR. It was converted in the late 70s. It was so difficult to do that no amount of money would induce him to build another, even though he owned a garage and could make other people do all the work. The small block Ford is 4 inches narrower and that makes all the difference.

The black thing mounted on the heater box is a marine blower 3 inch diameter, 140 cfm - Rule model 140 12v dc. The owner painted it black.

Axcelerated Motorsports brought a Dyno to the show (Plumsteadvill, Pa (215) 297-8139). Surprisingly, only one TVR owner took a ride. John gained 40 hp with his new exhaust system. I have heard horror stories of dyno testing. This was less stressfull than leaving a traffic light.

Early in the day at the show.


Last updated on May 22, 2006.