Woodwork 25

25 Years of Woodwork

Woodwork 25 was held the weekend of October 8 to 10 with the show once again at Round Valley State Park, Lebanon, NJ. This year's guest was Martin Lilley, the owner of TVR in the late 60s and 70s. Despite horrible weather that weekend, there were 77 TVRs out of a total of 90 cars. I believe that only WW 10 had more TVRs.

These pictures are in the hotel parking lot, the day before the event. There were 68 TVRs on Saturday.
If you soak the car in water for three days, the windshield goes in really easy.

Stuffing regestraion packets before the banquet. The banquet.
Martin Lilley autographing things until his fingers fell off.

This Griffith 200 came from Saskatchewan, Canada to Woodwork. Tommer, the owner trailered it 1850 miles to Toronto. Leaving the trailer at a friend's house, he made his first real drive since restoring it. He drove it 600 miles to New Jersey. Part way there the entire electrical system went out except for the ignition. Since it was dark and very rainy this ended the drive. A flatbed carried him half way where he was met by Marshall Moore and Geroge Czerw towing Marshall's trailer. Sunday his friend came down from Toronto with his trailer to start the trip back. The total trip was nine days and 4900 miles.

The only turbo in North America.

Old Blue's rodent Cuisinart, disguised as a blower motor.


Last updated on October 27, 2005.