Woodwork 23

Woodwork 23 was held the weekend of October 11 to 13 with the show once again at Round Valley State Park, Lebanon, NJ. This year's guest was Gerry Sagerman who imported TVRs to the USA from 1968 to 1979.

You ARE seeing double. Two Griffith 200s with the same paint and wheels.

Another beautifull Griffith.

The front row of Out of the Woodwork 2003. Jomars to the left, Griffiths to the right.

The wind tunnel model model of the TVR SM Zante donated to the TVRCC auction.

Our autioneer.
Regalia sales.

This car was the first Tr6 engined TVR.

Two Jomars brought down by Alex Saidel.

A Chevy engined hybred M frame built by Dave Hunt.

A Griffith from Maryland.

I think the yellow thing is a Reliant Robin.
Two SAABs, a two cyl and a four cylinder car. Don't they know SAABs are supposed to have three cylinders?

Yes, a D Type Jaguar.

An early (1973) M series. Notice the overdrive switch on the shift knob. Some of the early Ms were equipped with overdrive at the factory. TVR later equipped some Ford 3 liter engined TVRs with overdrive.


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