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Out of the Woodwork 99

Woodwork 99 was held on Columbus Day weekend at the traditional site of Round Vally State Park in sunny New Jersey. For TVR people, Woodwork normally starts on Saturday. This year, a large number of people came on Friday. One early arrival was the owner of a Jomar race car. Unfortunately he had to leave Saturday night. Two of the first arrivals were this years guests, Jack and Marge Griffith.

Despite incredible rain, we had a large number of TVRs, including five Griffiths, one Tuscan, and a RHD car with Griffith 400 body and Tuscan badges.

The largest non-TVR presence was the Mini Club, with no less than five cars and a diner (really! I'll prove it). The Mini Club won the award for best club display. The most heroic group was the Apine 310 club, which came with two cars out of twenty eight that are in the United States.

Gerry and Delores Sagerman attended the show and banquet. Another suprise guest was Bill Seitz, who worked for Jack Griffith developing and building the Griffith cars.
Jomar racer Jomar The Griffith lineup on Sunday What is it? A Tuscan The Mini Club The Armenian Grill at the Mini Club Display
Left: A view of the Jomar racer. This was the only fiberglass bodied Jomar roadster. All other roadsters had aluminium bodies.
Next: Another view of the Jomar.
Center: the line of Griffiths and Tuscan(s).
Fourth: Ban The Bomb tail lights say "Griffith 400", badges (see next picture) say "Tuscan".
Fifth: A Tuscan.
Sixth: The horde of Minis.
Right: The Mini Club's Armenian Grill.

The Griffiths

Jack autographs everything.
Brad and Jan wash Jack's car before the show.
Gerry Sagerman (left) and Jack Griffith (right) discus a Griffith with it's owner.

Popular Vote Winners

Woodwork is a show for all sports cars, with judging by popular vote. These are some of the winners. Some of the owners who braved the rain found they were the only car in their class...

The End

Left: "If I'd known it did that, I wouldn't have climbed in and out of the window."
Right: The last four cars on Monday.


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