Terry Telke's Factory Tour

The TVR factory was very gracious providing about a 2hr tour to a TVR enthusiast. My wife called the factory and coordinated the tour. The guide Denise was enthusiastic and very informative. The only problem was placing an order for a Tuscan. I picked out the color, royal blue (the darker blue Tuscan).

We stayed at the Robin Hood Hotel in Blackpool recommended by Rick Steves. Blackpool is a fun town. In addition, to the fish and chips, palm reading, circus, dancing at the (rusty) tower, we went to a transvestite rendition of Cats.

It was a great trip to England 2 Triumph car events, TVR tour, Brands Hatch, and lots of gardens and castles. The only regret is that it took too many years to get to Blackpool.

Terry Telke


All Photos Copyright Terry Telke.

Last updated on 5 September 2001.