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Stock M Series Cooling Fans

The early M series used two electric cooling fans in the States and one fan in the UK. The fans were white, had six blades, and were made by Kenlowe Accessories, pn: KLM 1005. The UK cars switched to a black ten bladed Kenlowe fan, which pushed much more air than the white ones. Replacing the six blade fans with ten blade units puts much more air through the radiator without having to modify the car to use different electric fans.
Early fanLater fan

The late MGB used two yellow four bladed fans, I have used them too, but they don't fit too well and the black Kenlow fans push more air and vibrate less.
Updated 10 June 2000

M Series Radiator Mounting

The M series cars used two styles of radiator: the "large" radiator, used on most Taimar and 3000S which mounted behind the spare tyre and the "small" radiator used on all other Ms and all the Turbos which fit under the spare tyre. ("Large" and "small" seem to be factory terms.) The "small" radiator is mounted with two pins on the bottom which fit into holes on the frame and a bracket on top with a bolt hole that matches a bracket on an upper frame tube. Most people clamp these brackets together as the factory intended. When driving through pot holes (a rarity in England) the frame flexes from side to side - the very stiff radiator, pinned between the two pins and the bracket resists this flexing and sometimes snaps a solder joint. Throw the bolt away to prevent this problem. Between the pins and hoses the radiator isn't going anywhere.
30 January 2000


Fan illustrations from "M Series Spare Parts Catalogue Taimar - Turbo Convertible 1972 - 1980" available from the TVRCCNA.

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