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I had four main hoops made. Three are spoken for. I have a couple pics of the main hoop to show you, but no finished product yet.

One of the pics shows the main hoop just the way it came from the fab shop, the other pic shows the main hoop on a bare Vixen frame. This will give you an idea of how the footplates (which are not yet welded to the main hoop) will relate to the body mount plates on a Vixen or M-chassis.

What I have not figured out yet is how the rear braces will attach to the main hoop. In our race cars the two rear braces will be welded to plates which will be welded to the frame at the rearmost top corners of the diff cage. That requires cutting access holes in the body tub rear deck. I suppose most of you will not want to do that.

For the race cars, we will probably weld the rear braces to the main hoop, making the installation "permanent". For a street car, the rear braces should be removable to make installation easier. This probably means welding tabs onto the main hoop and drilling a hole in each brace (and tab) to allow a "bolt-in" rear brace. Or, welding a short length to the main tube and using an external sleeve to connect the longer length of bracing. Or....welding a smaller tube into the longer length of bracing so that it telescopes into the short length.

All around easiest way is welding tabs to main hoop.

Anyhow, a main hoop, as pictured, without footplates will be $100 in case anyone wants to do their own. Tubing for rear braces is available for $4/foot ( 1-3/4"od .095wall DOM) Six feet will make two braces.

Rich Rock
Pottstown, PA

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