Vixen and M Series Tips

Removing Vixen and M Series Winder Arms

The winder arms and attachments on some Vixen and M Series to come straight from the Triumph parts bin. A pin is pressed into the shaft to retain the part. A collar is fitted to prevent people from seeing the nasty details of car assembly. My car was fitted with a two piece spring loaded collar which made it almost impossible to remove without a grinder. Sometimes you need to grind off half of the arm so you can reach the pin. Ask how I know. Throw the pins and two piece collar away and use the plasitic washer style ones (I think I got them from the Roadster Factory). They are part # 621221. Triumph called them an "escutcheon, black plastic". BTW, the winder arm is part #621811.

Then get the removable "K" pins from a lawn mower store. The washers (escutcheons) prevent the pins from scratching up the upholstery inside the door. See attached pictures.

Hayden Olenik reports that some Vixen and M-series cars use winder arms from pre-1968 MGBs. These are held on with a screw.

Early TVR Windshields

All TVR windshields before the 3000S are from the English Ford Consul. Glass shops know this as FCW 029 (foreign car windshield 029).
Thanks to Joe Rauh and for the tip.
October 23, 2007.


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