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Vixen 2500 Steering Arms

Richard Whiting reports his 1972 Vixen 2500 has inncorrect steering arms that cause the tie rod end boots to rub on the brake disks; they also seem to have zero bump steer. The rubbing is clearly a safety problem. I.E. Depending on how bad the rubbing is this could cause failure of the steering arm or tie rod end and loss of control leading to a fatal crash. If there is a similar arm that doesn't cause rubbing, this could eliminate bump steer.

Richard says:
The car does not bump steer and yes the disks and calipers are correct TR6 items but no splash plates. I've looked at other Vixens and there is a big difference between mine and theirs; other Vixen's curve inboard by about 1/2 inch mine are straight and about 2 inches shorter!...I think my arms are Triumph GT6 items instead of the reputed Standard 8/10 items that I've heard were bent out by the factory. Can anyone confirm or deny?
Attached is a shot of the o/s arm. It is stamped IL03740DDF 7401 DM16 whilst the n/s has IL~3638 D~J 7402~~~~ (as best as I can make out!). Don't know whether anyone recognises the design/numbers?

Richard Whiting

Vixen 2500 Radiator Hose

This may only help US owners, but I found that the upper radaitor hose for a 1995-1999 Dodge Neon, SOHC, without AC, fits very well with a small amount of trimming on the fill tank end, replaces the hose between the header tank and the radiator. The part is: NAPA part # NBH8789. The Goodyear # is 61546 and the Gates # is 22118.
Jim S


Last updated on January 30, 2005.