Technical Tips

Gear Reduction Starters

Gear reduction starter motors are available from various suppliers such as Moss Motors and Victoria British. Gear reduction starters use high speed motors and reduction gear instead of the large and slow motors in the Lucas motors of the 60s. The one I bought from Moss Motors is about half the size of the original and turns the engine faster, so the car starts easier. These motors appear to be made for some modern tin top and adapted for our application. The motor mounts upside down from the manufacturers intent, leaving the drain hole at the top. This cannot be good for the motor.

Other suppliers may have motors with the drain hole in the correct place.
(February 27, 2002)

I have just replaced the starter as the first one was full of water. Apparently it filled up during the rain at the last two Woodworks in NJ, then corroded to death. Having the drain hole at the top is definitely not good for the motor.
(June 7, 2007)

While replacing everything possible prior to ordering a new starter, the local parts shop offered a choice of 6 gauge and 1 gauge battery cables. These 1 gauge monsters conduct better and therefore have a smaller voltage drop than the normal cables. The starter not only spins faster, the voltmeter shows a higher voltage in the system.
(June 7, 2007)


Last updated on June 7, 2007.