Taimar and 3000S Tips

Taimar and 3000s Fresh Air Vents

Some U.K. TVRs were equiped with fresh air scoops to force outside air into the heater blower, providing better heating. These cars also were equipped with a similar system to on the driver's side of the car for a fresh air system. The scoop is not listed in the M Series Spare Parts Catalogue.

The two GRP scoops are fastened to the wire mesh grill. The scoop discharges into a hose feeding the heater blower or an identical blower on the driver's side of the car feeding a fresh air system.
This 3000M Turbo has a single scoop connected to the heater box.
Another view of the same car.
A better view of a Taimar vent at Back Home 2002. A rear vent on a Taimar. This would have been soooo useful in the States. The factory discontinued this because it sometimes brought exhaust fumes into the cabin. There is also a question as to how rain water exits the vent.
A vented plexiglass backlight on a Vixen.


Last updated on October 12, 2005.