Griffith Tips

The later UK built Griffiths and Tuscans had the rear view mirror mounted on a rod that went from the dash to the roof (and also kept the roof from lifting at 145 mph). Joe Rauh has provided these large pictures of the setup.

David Zumstein has provided measurements of this same car:
The rod is .1870" in diameter and is straight for 17 5/8", then is bent to 50 degrees for 2 1/4". There is a "button" brazed at the top that is 1 1/4" in diameter and has arise of 1/8"....there is also a slight angle to the button. Mounting positions are; 2 3/8" from windscreen fitting ledge { the upper lip } and 3" off of front dash edge { driver's side of dash }. Rod is threaded with 10/32 threads with washers and a nut at the bottom. Hope this helps. Remember that this Griffith was completed in the UK, and did not arrive on our soil until the late 70's.
Cheers, David.


Last updated on January 12, 2005.