TVR Parts Suppliers In The New World.

These are the two companies in North America that specialize in TVR parts, as opposed to Donor parts such as Ford, Rover, Triumph and MG.


Classic Motor Works (Marshall Moore) P. O. Box 20892 Roanoke, VA 24018
(540) 400-8310

Sales, Service And Parts

TVR North America (John Wadman) sales, service and parts. These people were formerly the TVR importers in Canada. They no longer import cars but still import parts. They DO NOT export new cars to the United States. This company was once known as JAG Automotive. 2139 Lawrence Ave. E, Scarborough, Ontario, M1R 3A4, Canada
(416) 752-7226

USA Sales

Wire Wheel Classic Sportscars Inc. Sells older British cars.
995 36th Court SW Vero Beach, FL 32968.

TVR Parts Suppliers In The Old World

David Gerald TVR The Green, Inkberrow, Worcester, WR7 4JF, England. Phone: 01386 793237 Fax: 01386 793238
They have exclusive rights to manufacture parts for pre 1980 TVRs. They are also building up a supply of Tasmin/280i parts.

Exactly TVR Adrien Venn in the UK specialises in M series cars. Phone/Fax: 01203 596883 Mobile Phone: 0956 956042

Aftermarket TVR Parts

T. E. T. Moldings Body pannels etc, for the Tasmin and later cars. They ship to the US (I assume Canada too).

TVR Window Glass
Lo-Can Glass International
64 Cummings Park
Woburn, MA 01801
Phone: 800-345-9595
Fax: 781-935-6530

Aftermarket British Car Parts

Autocar Ltd Makes the Luminition electronic ignition system and fuel metering systems designed to fit various British engines.

British Wiring Inc. Sells Lucas wiring, connectors, crimping tools etc. They can provide new wiring harness based on your decrepit original. 20449 Ithaca, Olympia Fields, Il 60461 Phone: (708) 481-9050

Used TVR Parts

Douglas Valley Breakers Ltd Breakes up and recycles sports and specialty cars in the UK. They ship to Canada and the United States.


If they don't ship to the New World, we won't list them here unless the parts they sell are really cool.

The British T Shop has sold off it's supply of TVR parts and is no longer interested in servicing them either.


Last updated on April 22, 2006.