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White car: Skip Gurnee's Vixen; Black car: Bill Sanford's Tuscan.

Skip reports:
"I've owned the car since it had 4 miles on the odometer in 1970. Bought it because my two kids were getting too long for the back seat of a TR4.... Drove it on the street for a year or so before I discovered autocrossing, discovering the car was shall we say somewhat brittle? Each time it broke, I improved it, so that now the entire drive train has been replaced except for the rear hub carriers and engine block. The block now holds a Cosworth head with 50 DCO Webers. It's got a dry sump, crankfire ignition, and measured 230Hp on a dyno at 9500rpm. The transmission is a Capri 2-liter close ratio, the differential is a 5.38:1 Salisbury. The frame has been stiffened with diagonals, the suspension has been stiffened to about twice original rates with Konis and Eibach springs. The car runs on 16 x 10 wheels with 22" dia. Hoosier slicks. The vast majority of time has been in autocross, but we've done some hillclimbs (in Texas - yes there was a hill outside of Austin), and a little high-speed work in California at Holtville and Buttonwillow."

"BTW, I towed it from Texas to California with a Lotus Cortina tow car (not a great tow car, but very entertaining). They share the garage and back yard with three TR4's, a Blazer, a Jeep Cherokee, and a Jeep CJ5. I gotta do something about this habit of accumulating stuff..."


Pictures from Bill Sanford.

Last updated on 19 September 2000.