Products for TVRs

Covercraft Car Covers

Covercraft makes car covers for many different TVRs, and will make custom ones if you provide the measurements, Covercraft phone: (405) 238-9651

Covercraft part numbers are usually a 'C' followed by four or five digits and two letters indicating which fabric. The Covercraft database does not always work correctly, so ask for Jana if you are trying to look up a car that is not listed.

I ordered one from John at Autoanything/Blue Ribbon Motoring (800) 874-8888x620.
Grantura 3 (1982???)AEVO
Griffith 200 all yearsC127
Griffith 400 all yearsC128
Vixen 1967C13535
Vixen S2 1970C9250
2500M 1973-1974 C1756
3000S 1979C5919
280i Conv. 1982-1986C9907
Tasmin 280i Conv. 1988-1988C9759
350i 1988C14429
TVR S 1989C11959
TVR Griffith 1992C13783
Tuscan Coupe 2000C16188


Last updated on February 12, 2009.