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Astrali Steering Wheels (Updated)

Coveland Motorsports carries Astrali Wheels. is a US distributor for Astrali.
-Hayden Olenik

Top Steer in the U.K. has Astrali Wheels and hubs. See Bad news: the web site requires Internet Explorer AND tries to force Flash on you at every page. They also seem to have found a way to lock Infernal Explorer on top of my other windows.

I see you can access the site with Opera (another browser) without using Flash.
They have hub kits for TVRs, too And they know what TVRs are...

Dear Top Steer Management:
I am very reluctant to purchase products from companies whose web pages seem to be actively obnoxious.


PS: You can't possibly provide a Flash experience to match a TVR on an open road.

Subject: Obnoxious

Thanks for the Obnoxious comment about our website that you posted on the web so kindly for all of our customers to see, We are very surprised at your comments and thought if you would have been courteous and had e mailed us directly we may have been able to deal with any concerns with our site, The reason why our website prompts you to use flash is because we are professional web constructors who use professional software with professional images along with flash animation, However if you would like us to quote you to bring your website out of the dark ages then we would be more than happy to oblige.

Mark Waterhouse

Topsteer Director

Subject: Re: Obnoxious

Perhaps if I didn't need to download flash for every page of your site, I'd be one of your customers. I've noticed that most sites that use flash, have a "no flash" button because they DO want the customer's money. Your web site does not 'prompt' me to use flash, it requires it when using IE (a slight difference). Your multiple flash attacks left me less courteous than I might otherwise have been.


PS: You didn't have any trouble accessing my dark ages web site, did you?

The web site for Astrali is


Last updated on July 28, 2005.