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New Vixen/Griffith Hub Carriers

Fred McKenney has had new hub carriers made up for the Vixen and Griffith.
  1. 1/2 inch more offset
  2. Incorporates 5/8 inch or larger lower radius rod
  3. Accommodates mid 70's corvette stub axles or originals
  4. 713 Tinsalloy instead of 356 weighing 12 pounds as opposed to 7 pounds - including larger 5/8 inch radius rods
  5. Lower radius rod pins can be raised with lower bosses and reliefs being eliminated with more material in the entire lower area
Old and new hub carriers. All three castings. Bare casting and machined. Bare casting.
Bare castings requiring machining: $200 each plus S/H

Call Fred McKenney @ 410.757.9683 after 10 am est

Fred is still supplying these as of May 10, 2005.


Last updated on May 10, 2005.