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The Duke Video "Best of the British - TVR" is now available in NTSC from White Star Video. The video is 70 minutes long and features short interviews with Trevor Wilkinson, Martin Lilley and Peter Wheeler. Other footage is from Back Home and various track days.

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Two Tuscans are appearing in the movie SWORDFISH with a Sikorsky Sky Crane and John Travolta. Release date: June 8, 2001. Supposedly a gang of bank robbers try to steal secret CIA money from a bank. Honest. Pictures from a Swordfish website. Now the New York Times reports on the Tuscan - Swordfish connection.

The trailer is available on

Swordfish is now available on DVD.

Loony Toons Back In Action

Looney Tunes Back In Action features a TVR Tuscan (new style). Back In Action is now available on DVD.
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The Saint

The very last episode of the TV series "The Saint" titled "The World Beater" starring Roger Moore featured TVRs and Marcos. Listen carefully to the improbable sounds of fiberglass doors and bonnets slamming shut. It's actually not bad. The episode is in the set "The Saint, Set 7 (1967)".
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NTSC is the television standard used in the United States and Canada. PAL is the standard for the United Kingdom.


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