We don't list people's names, email address, or phone numbers without permission. If we show your car and you want credit for ownership, contact us (we don't always remember who owns what). Conversely, if you don't want your car displayed, contact us.

We're not trying to duplicate the club newsletter, so things like classifieds aren't here.

Time sensitive information like TVRs in magazines are on the front page.

If we've ommitted something we either don't know about it or haven't gotten to it. Contact us and you may jump to the head of the project queue. Sending us the text you want used is better than waiting for me to write it from thin air.

If it's not about TVRs or related to them it won't go up. Showing your car at Woodwork does count. We specialize in TVRs in the New World because there are a lot of excellent web pages about TVRs in Britain. Almost every picture here came from Woodwork or BCD because I've been there and took pictures. I would have taken different pictures if I had known I'd be doing a web site.

We consider all Jomars to be subjects of this site even though the first two used Dellow chassis because Ray Saidel's cars are part of the web of TVR history. The same is true of the Griffith: the Griffith 600 was designed from scratch, it's part of TVR history. Or perhaps TVR is part of Griffith history.

The names "Griffith" and "Tuscan", may be used interchangably because the cars are closely related, and it's really hard to tell which is which when they blast past you and disapear over the horizion before you can say "what wuz that?".

When taking pictures at Woodwork, I don't always take the pictures I'll require when working on this site. If your car club has not received adequate coverage for it's Woodwork expedition, contact me. I'm probably sitting here saying "@#(! I wish I took more pictures of the marque!".

Regarding links: I'm not a fan of sites that disable my back button. I think even less of sites that require me to down load special software to enter.


Last updated on 10 November 2002.