TVR Picture Gallery and History

British Car Day 2000

Thirteen TVRs and one Griffith attended British Car Day in Bowie, MD on June 25. One 2500M (and also a Triumph Tr250) was wearing a new triple Stromberg installation.

From New York This is how to show your car Three???

Left: a 280i from New York.
A 76 2500M with removable bonnet.
A 2500M with triple carbs.
A beautiful 1971 Vixen 2500. This car won a prize, as did the Vixen 2500 S4 featured on last year's BCD page.
The engine compartment of the same car.

Palo Alto British Car Show

These two TVRs attended the British Car Show in Palo Alto on Sept 10, 2000. Faisal Khan's Cerbera is the only one in the New World. Pictures by Faisal Khan.

British Car Festival 2000

The Chicago area British Car Union held it's annual British Car Festival on September 10, 2000. Due to unfortunate timing, most of the area TVR owners were in England, so only 5 TVRs attended the show. One of the entrants traveled 850 miles with two severe oil leaks to attend the show. They do need an award for most deranged entry. Yes this was a TVR. Thanks Jared for loaning me all those jacks and space to work on the car. (It's amazingly hard to put a quart of oil in the transmission when the filler plug is completely round.)

The first two Jomars built by Ray Saidel used Dellow chassis. Ray abandoned them because the chassis was uncompetitive. A casual glance at the underside of the car that appeared at the BCF will show why.

Random Pictures

2500 Olds 215 Blue Vixen Vixen 2500

An unrestored 1971 Vixen 2500 at BCD 1993. Other than the fuel pressure regulator and fuel line routing, this car seems unmodified.

Although not a TVR, this Oldsmobile version of the Buick/Olds/Rover 215 cu. in. engine may be of interest. Some of the Olds versions of this motor were turbocharged.

This Vixen was for sale at an used car dealer in 1988. It's never been seen again.

Terry Telke's restored Vixen 2500.


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