The Phillips drive system (screw recess, driving tool and screw heading punch) was originally developed by our company's founder, Henry Phillips in 1932. It was manufactured under license from the Phillips Screw Company until the mid-1960's. The POZIDRIV® system was developed by the Phillips Screw Company in the mid-1960's as the next generation replacement for the original Phillips recess and driver system. The POZIDRIV system solved some of the cam-out problems associated with the Phillips system and worked well with power tools. Additionally, our company introduced the ACR® PHILLIPS II® high performance drive system in 1994 which assures trouble free assembly and repair using hand or power tools.

The Reed & Prince system was developed at the same time as the original Phillips system in the early 1930's. It is also known as the "Frearson" drive system after the original inventor. The "cross recess" referred to in many European standards can be either the Phillips system or the POZIDRIV system. The two are differentiated by the additional letter designations (PH or H for Phillips and PZ or Z for POZIDRIV) contained in the standard.

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Last updated on 29 July 1999.