Lucas Information

Part numbers and technical information about Lucas parts and systems used in TVRs.

The Lucas web site can be found here.

Pre Tasmin SwitchesEarly Switches
Grantura to Griffith 200Grantura and Griffith
Electrical and Engine Management.Tasmin, 350i, 390SE
Lucas Relays6RA and 22RA
Lucas Relays26RA and 28RA
Lucas and DIN Relay ContactsRelays
Identifing Lucas Lamp AssembliesLamps
Lucas Fuse BoxesFuse Boxes

Lucas Part Numbers

In the early 1980s Lucas was using three sets of part numbers.
Engineering Numbers
Part numbers such as 54419946 and 35057.
Trade Order Numbers (TON)
CS2 and 8FL43 etc
International Catalogue Numbers (ICN)
Like DSB 752 (contact set two) and DSB 752W26 (contact set 2 workshop bulk pack). This seems to be intended to make a more rational version of the TON. The basic number is three letters and three numbers DSB 101. The first letter is the product group, the second is the type of component, the third sometimes give important information such as nationality of the device. Really. DSB 1** is for a Lucas distributor. DSB 2** is for French Distributors, DSJ 1** for Hitachi Distributors. Britain seems to have been suffering from an invasion of illegal immigrant distributors.


Last updated on November 5, 2007.