Links to Other Places. TVR Regalia Sales. Pat Leask's M Series Registry. The website of the TVR Car Club North America.

Martin Jones's TVR Chimaera site New TVR website in North America.

TVR email groups To join the email groups for TVRs go to, register, search for tvr then join usa-tvr and tvrcc and TVR_Pre1980. A Canadian Morgan website with a big technical section on the Rover V8.

The Association of Drivers Against Daytime Running Lights

The Speedtrap Bible What causes accidents?

The National Motorists Association Fighting for the rights of motorists. These are the people who killed the 55mph limit.

The Association of British Drivers Fighting the good fight against the Luddites of Britain.

The TVR Car Club (in Great Britain)

The TVR Car Club France

The TVR Car Club Sweden

Chris Howson's M Series Home Page The font of all TVR gossip and news. Contains other UK motoring news, too. I visit this site most every day.
Doesn't quite work with Netscape 4.7 :-(.

The TVR Files Graham Povey's collection of TVR photographs.

Scions Of Lucas I can't begin to describe this site.

TVR Vixen and Tuscan Workshop Manual
Temporarily off line.

Who To Contact in TVRCCNA

The Vintage Triumph Register The VTR has a lot of interesting techincal information about various Triumph issues. As most TVRs have at least some Triumph parts, this site should be of interest.

NTHSA Vehicle Importation Regulations. Thinking about personally importing a TVR?

Last updated on April 23, 2008.