Technical Books

The Complete Offical Triumph Tr6 & Tr250 1967-1976

Includes Driver's handbook and workshop manual. This is the most complete shop manual for the Tr6. This is your first and most important reference for the M series.

How to Improve Triumph Tr250 & 6

by Roger Williams, Veloce Publishing, 2003. ISBN 1-903706-68-8
Covers upgrading all aspects of the big Triumph, including brakes, engine, transmission, diff. Covers serious overbores, transmission swaps and engine swaps (SB Ford, Rover v8 and dig this - Stag v8). Also covers concentric clutch slave cylinders and high flow water aluminum pumps.

Kas Kastner's Triumph Preparation Handbook

Full title: "Kas Kastner's Spitfire GT-6, TR-3, TR-4, TR-250, TR-6 TRIUMPH PREPARATION HANDBOOK"
By Kas Kastner, Published by R W Kastner, 2nd Ed, Copyright 2004
collection of all of the Triumph racing prep manuals from the 60/70s with a lot of new information. Kastner was the head of the Triumph racing department in the US. One of the things he mentions is that they would replace the stub axles every 3 races. Includes information about the latest products for Triumph family.
Available from The Roadster Factory.

TVR Car Club North America Tech Tips, Fourth Edition

Edited by Scott Stubblefield, available from the TVR Car Club North America Regalia Page.
Spiral bound, 104 pages. Twenty years of techincal tips from the TVR Times. Every thing from Lucas part numbers for 280i clutch hydralics to tips on engine swaps.

TVR 280i Service Manual

TVR Engineering 1986, reproduction available from the TVR Car Club North America Regalia Page.
Spiral bound, 1 inch thick. A complete factory service manual for the 2.8 litre engine, transmissions, emission controls, fuel system, wiring diagrams and "hard trim". People familiar with low volume sports cars will be astonished to see actual service bulletins.

How To Build And Modify Ford 60° V-6 Engines

by Sven Pruett, Motorbooks International 1994. ISBN 0-879380914-1
This book covers the 60° engines as seen in the United States up to the early 4.0 liter Ford Explorer engine. The 4.0 isn't covered well. It even mentions the 280i intake system but doesn't cover the 3.8 liter which is a 90° engine or the British Ford Essex V-6 family.

High Performance Ford 221-CID To 460-CID Engine Parts Interchange

by George Reid, S-A Design/CARTECH INC 1998. ISBN 1-884089-33-X
This book covers parts interchange and selection for Ford small and big block V-8s from about 1957 to 1998. This includes the Windsor and Cleveland small blocks and SVO parts. The author rates parts for strength and power potential. Includes aftermarket manifolds.

The Rover V8 Engine

by David Hardcastle, Haynes Pub. 1990. ISBN 0-85429-692-1
The history of the Buick/Rover V8. Some performance information is included.

Tuning Rover V8 Engines

by David Hardcastle, Haynes Pub 1993. ISBN 0 85429 933 5
How to build more powerfull engines for street and track. Covers various blocks and heads made, compatibility of Buick 300 heads, aftermarket parts. Discuses some turbo and supercharger installations.

Tr-250, Tr-5, Tr-6 Competition Preparation Manual

by R. W. Kastner, Triumph Competitions Manager.
Mostly covers building engines up to 166 Hp. It should be of value any owner of a Vixen 2500 or M series car. Kastner's comments on the life of stub axels in racing can probably be applied to the Vixen and Griffith too. Available from various Triumph parts suppliers.

The TVR Wedges Volume 1: Maintenance

by Steve Heath, Steve Heath Publications 1999, PO Box 1719 Milton Keynes UK MK17 0ZQ. Spiral bound, laminated cover, 286 pages.
The Steve Heath books are the technical bibles of TVRs. They are more than just shop manuals, but histories too. Have you ever seen a shop manual that named the stylist and the man who designed the chassis? This book includes several wiring diagrams and relay position charts. If you own a Wedge you need this book.

Triumph Tr6 Spare Parts Catalogue Volume 1 & 2

The Roadster Factory 1990, Armagh PA 15920 800-678-8764
This is a full reproduction of one of the Triumph Manuals using Triumph part numbers. Each illustration occupies one whole page with the part numbers on the opposite page.

Tuning BL's A-Series Engine

David Vizard 1985, Haynes Publising Group ISBN 0 85429 414 7
A magnificent book on building a tuning the BMC Mini/ MG Midget/ Morris Minor engine. Even though this engine was never used in a TVR, the chapter on tuning SU carbs is worth the price of the book. Apparently the author offered much of this information to BL, and they just didn't see any point in free horsepower.


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