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At The Show Field


The story behind this Griffth is that the frame (does this include the body?) was stored during the factory bankruptcy in the 60s and only assembled a few years ago. The current engine is a Ford 3.0 liter v6. As much as this story sounds hopelessly bogus, it seems to be true. The bonnet on the car has an unusual buldge. The owner says he has the correct one at home. The cyndrical object on the wing (fender) is the heater motor.



It seems that this backlight is Perspex. (The rear window is Plexiglass.) Flow-through ventilation?

3000M Turbo

Not only is this car factory turbo charged, it has those mysterious air scoops not that would have been SO useful in a North American summer. It seems that a few parts in the turbo system have been changed...

Other Ms

Tasmin/280i/Forbidden Fruit

Lucky TVR owner repairs window which fell to the bottom of the door in the pouring rain on the way to the show.

While people were looking at cars and talking, others would hop into their cars to go compete in the autocross next to the parked cars. All this in pouring rain about five times worse that Woodwork 1999. After the autocross people used the circuit for what might pass as donuts or in some cases pretzels. The pretzel guys were a bit scary, unlike the full race Tuscan whose driver was in perfect control at all times. He was doing figure eights. This is a 2.8Mb movie file of the Tuscan.


All photos and movies Copyright C. Colbert
Most of the pictures on this page are of the older cars, as there are plenty of pictures of newer models (partly assembled) on the next page.

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