Back Home 2002

This is a selection of pictures from a trip to Back Home, an annual TVR event held in sunny Blackpool England. Most of the pictures I have selected from the show itself are of the older cars, especially versions not seen in the New World. The factory tour of course shows the new cars under construction. Some of the pictures that are not here are missing because I didn't think to take them or the shot did not turn out well. I did not take a picture of the front of the factory, probably because there were too many vehicles parked in front of it. I have a picture of it from the 1980s. Only the cars are different.

At The Hotel

The TVR dinner after the show. Carol and Alison from the TVRCC Club. A local Blackpool Bavarian band performs during dinner.


Tasmin 2+2

This is one of the most interesting of the older cars. I believe there were none sent to the New World.


All photos and movies Copyright C. Colbert


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